The life story of a car is a unique asset

The emotion linked to a classic car is magnified by the discovery of its history and by the quality of its documentation. Unfortunately, this life story is often difficult to access because it is stored on many different formats: paper documents, pictures spread out on numerous different devices, USB keys, CD Roms, etc…

These documents can even be lost during the passing of time or transfer of ownership, which affects negatively the value of the vehicle.

My Classic Car Life is THE solution !

Showcase your pride and joy !

My Classic Car Life is a true Swiss digital vault which stores pictures, documents and the history of your classic cars. Our application is a revolutionary means to preserve and showcase the life story of your car.

With My Classic Car Life, you access an 100% private exclusive network, which enables you to access the history of your vehicle from anywhere in the world on any tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to our application, each and every event contributes to increase the value of your car!

Easy to use
My Classic Car Life is developed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. All functions are tested and approved by collectors from all ages and car professionals in order to ensure its user friendliness.
Highly secure
Your information are stored in a Swiss data center. It is ISO27001 certified, the highest independent certification ensuring data security. Moreover, Swiss legislation is of of the strictest in the world regarding confidentiality.
100% private
Your information are physically stored on our own servers and not in a shared “cloud” service provided by a third party. No piece of information is shared or sold to any third party.

Our prices


Number of cars in your collection


Storage by vehicle

500 Mb

Or approx. 750 pictures or documents


Hosting fee 6€ by car/month
With free access to the app evolutions.
Influence future functions of the App
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Number of cars in your collection


Storage by vehicle

1000 Mb

Or approx. 1500 pictures or documents


Hosting fee 6€ by car/month
With free access to the app evolutions.
Influence future functions of the App


Number of cars in your collection


Storage by vehicle

5 Gb

Or approx. 7500 pictures or documents

500€ lifetime

Hosting fee 6€ by car/month
With free access to the app evolutions.
Influence future functions of the App

We guarantee you that all your data are physically stored on our ultra-secured servers and that they are never sold to any third party.

Free trial

Discover by yourself without engagement the features and user-friendliness of “My Classic Car Life”.

For 24h discover the fascinating history of our 1972 Lamborghini Urraco directly through the application.

Don’t hesitate to create or modify content!

In order to do so :

1. Download the My Classic Car Life application on the AppStore:

2. Obtain your temporary credentials by clicking here:


Fee free to watch the tutorials on our YouTube channel to discover the features and give you some ideas!

Our story

My Classic Car Life is a Swiss company founded by two lifelong friends and car enthusiasts, Arnaud and Edouard.

They regularly take part to events with cars that they maintain and restore. Which lead them to share their passion for car history with numerous enthusiasts. Very often do they point out that original documents and history are lost with time and that it’s difficult to build up this documentation with time.

The two enthusiasts then decide to launch a simple, secure and efficient platform to enable any collector to document the history of his or her car.

The first version of the application was launched in 2019 and the two friends have plenty of ideas to offer ever more to their customers.


Your security

Within this network, we guarantee your anonymity and the secure storage on our state of the art servers: a true Swiss vault.

Our ultra-secure data center, a marvel of digital technology is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, heart of the Swiss luxury watchmaking.

Build to save your information in a unique location and to prevent you from any lost, theft or alteration of your data.

In a digital world, My Classic Car Life is a unique means to preserve the history of your car collection.

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds,

68 racks of physical servers, 99.9% availability, 365/7

Four security and control steps, ISO 27001 certified

One of the most eco-friendly data center in Europe


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